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The BALTON Company was founded in 1980 as an affiliated company of the French BALT Extrusion S.A., manufacturer of high precision intracerebral catheters and stents. During those thirty-four years, the BALTON Company, making use of the French technology, has created a large range of medical products intended for use in anaesthesiology, surgery, urology, gynaecology, cardiology, and radiology. more... A few of each have been specified herein below:
Anaesthesiology: - Epidural Kits in different sets and sizes, Catheterization Sets and other accessories
Surgery:         - Embolectomy Catheters
Urology: - Nephrostomy and Cystostomy Kits, Dialysis Catheters, Sets for Stent Introduction, and others
Two of the most important areas include cardiology and invasive radiology. These are such high-class catheters as:
Diagnostic Catheters
Catheters for Coronary and Peripheral Angioplasty: RIVER, FRYDERYK, PBA
Valvuloplasty Catheters: VALVER
Steel, cobalt-chromium and nitinol stents:
DES stents: LUC-CHOPIN, CARLO S, ALEX, PAXEL and PROLIM, with LUC-CHOPIN 2, manufactured in 2005 as the first stent in the world coated with biodegradable polymer
Bifurcation stents: BIOSS EXPERT and BIOSS LIM
Kidney stents: NEFRO
Carotid stents: MER and Neuroprotection System ROBIN
Peripheral stents: NEPTUN and JAGUAR
PTCA guidewires
Diagnostic guidewires
Intra-Aortic Balloon Catheter Set (IABC)
Gastroenterology – TROYCA balloons
The BALTON Company employs state-of-the-art technologies and raw materials that are applied in the world in the manufacturing of this type of products. We collaborate with numerous university and medical centres in Poland and worldwide, with those, among others, located in the U.S.A., France, Great Britain, Japan, Brazil, and Russia.

Elhys company offers equipment for testing the mechanical properties, durability tests, and fatigue. more... We offer strength testing machines MTS enabling the study of biomaterials in conditions as close as possible to the physiological conditions. We also offer systems for measurement of Dantec Dynamics GmbH, allowing visualization of 3D deformation field. Systems based on the digital image correlation (DIC) and the electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) present strain maps of high resolution and can be used for validation of finite element models. These devices are widely used in measurement of biomaterials, metals, plastics, composites, and tissue having a surface area of from 1 m2 to 1 mm2. Using any multi-scheme we can also be measure deformation of the material over the entire circumference (360 °). For many materials, especially the soft tissue and the bone-implant fixation, there is a better method than the method of measuring the deformation of the digital image correlation. We have extensive experience in the selection of test equipment used to test materials. We invite you to visit our website.

Balton Sp. z o.o.
ul. Nowy Świat 7/14, 00-496 Warszawa
Tel.: (+48) 22 625 32 15
Tel./fax: (+48) 22 621 58 14

Elhys Sp. z o.o.
ul. Naukowa 45, 02-463 Warszawa
Tel.: (+48) 22 863 30 49
Fax: (+48) 22 863 91 19


The ChM company was founded by Mikołaj Charkiewicz in 1981. Today, it is a well-known and valued manufacturer of implants and tools for orthopedics and traumatology in Europe and worldwide. więcej... It has its own research and development, scientific, technological, production and marketing department, as well as an extensive distribution network. Over 30 years of experience, medical and technological knowledge have resulted in innovative construction solutions. The hitherto achievements are the result of continuous development of own construction and technological facilities, permanent cooperation with the medical environment and scientific and research institutions; investments in modern equipment of a machine park, such as numerically controlled machine tools or 3D printing devices in polymers and metal. Development also requires investing in human resources and employing top-class specialists. Employees with vocational, technical or higher mechanical education are most desirable. We require knowledge and skills as well as commitment and responsibility from our employees. The company has traditionally been inviting students and graduates for a summer internship, details on the website http://chm.eu/kariera

Royal Philips is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. Our health care business makes up 42% of our global sales revenue. more...

With a century of history and more than 450 innovative products and services, we are ready to meet today’s challenges in healthcare by creating solutions that deliver better care to more people at lower cost.

Our more than 37,000 employees, working in 100 countries, are committed to helping you create meaningful moments of care, whether in the hospital room, the living room or the boardroom. See how we are working to create a healthier future together.

ChM Sp. z o. o. Lewickie 3b 16-061 Juchnowiec Kościelny Tel. +48 85 713 13 20 Fax +48 85 713 13 19 chm@chm.eu praca@chm.eu www.chm.eu

Philips Polska Sp. z o.o.
Philips Health Systems

Al. Jerozolimskie 195 B
02-222 Warszawa
Tel.: +48 22 571 0000


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SAFETY ENGINEERING RESEARCH S.C. since 2005, provides its clients with innovative tools and methods to improve the development process of passive and active safety systems and to analyze complex issues of traffic biomechanics and biomechanics of collisions. more...

We support Polish universities and research institutes, providing tools to improve the efficiency of research and development work and jointly developing elements supporting didactics. We offer: numerical analysis of biomechanical problems, optimization of passive safety systems, analysis and development of driver support systems, MADYMO software for analysis of collision biomechanics, PreScan software for virtual prototyping and testing of active driver support systems, high-end LIDARs by IBEO Automotive GmbH, systems sensor testing for intelligent vehicles and autonomous mobile platforms, sensory solutions for driver and vehicle support systems.

EMT-Systems is the largest technical training center in Poland. The Center sets trends in the field of education of engineering personnel and is an example of success in the area of transfer of knowledge from science to industry. more... The company's offer includes almost 150 training courses in the field of mechatronics and widely understood engineering and design techniques. The main training topics are: pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC programmable controllers, industrial robots, sensor systems, industrial networks, computer-aided design (CAD), plastics, 3D printing. The company primarily addresses its offer to industry employees (engineering and technical supervision staff, repair and renovation companies, service plants, management, technologists, designers, technical supervision of automation devices, devices and automation systems), but also to the education sector.

The project "TOP Engineer - specialized courses in PLC programming and CAD / CAM design - NX" is carried out within the framework of the Regional Operational Program of the Śląskie Voivodeship with the participation of funds from the European Social Fund. more... It aims to obtain professional qualifications by students / graduates of technical schools / universities from the province Śląski, covered by engineering courses in the field of programming logic controllers SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-300 / 400 or S7-1500 or engineering design NX-CAD / CAM, confirmed by a certified exam.

Safety Engineering Research s.c.
Królewicza Jakuba 13A 02-956 Warszawa
Tel: +48 22 885 42 68 +48 501 239 161

EMT-Systems Sp. z o.o.
Centrum Szkoleń Inżynierskich
ul. Konarskiego 18C, 44-100 Gliwice
kom.: +48 516 276 782, tel.: 32 411 1000, fax: +48 32 720 20 52

We are a leader on the market of intelligent industrial automation and building management systems. more... We have over 15 years of experience and dozens of successful implementations for institutions, individuals, municipalities and industrial plants around the world. Our clients include such giants of the global industry as: VW, Eisenmann, FIAT, OPEL, 3M, MAN, Lila Logistik, Asi Group, Budizol, DB Schenker, Tesla; or prestigious colleges - Silesian University of Technology and Częstochowa University of Technology.

Our solutions are distinguished by intuitiveness, reliability and innovation. We transfer the experience and know-how gained in the industry for the field of intelligent automation used in business, everyday life and cities. At the center of our activities there is always a man and his needs. We operate wherever you need to tame technology and make it more useful. Where the idea and the practical dimension of the project matter. Our goal is to make urban space more accessible. Thinking it over again. For you.

EC Test Systems Sp. z o. o. provides measurement, diagnostic and simulation solutions in the field of vibration and acoustics. We are the only representative in Poland of world leaders in this industry.more... We represent companies whose experience is used by the largest automotive, aviation and defense industries as well as other enterprises operating in other branches of industry. The offer is complemented by advanced vision and thermovision systems.

We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions in the measurement of fast-changing processes, such as explosions, movements of objects with very high velocity, vibrations, shock deformations, fluid dynamics, etc. We provide integrated research and development systems for thermal analyzes (stress testing, vibro-thermography, impulse thermography and lockin) ) and solutions for the implementation of fatigue tests. We also offer systems for measuring building acoustics, 3D scanners and simulation software.

By providing the latest solutions currently on the market, we help launch even the most advanced research and development positions.

APA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Tarnogórska 251
44-105 Gliwice, Poland
Tel: +48 32 231 64 43

EC Test Systems sp. Z o.o.
ul. Lublańska 34, 31-476 Kraków
Tel.: (+48) 12 627 77 77
Fax: (+48) 12 627 77 70