Place and time of the conference



The conferences: Advances in Applied Biomechanics and Meeting of Young Biomechanics will take place in Stok Hotel (Wisła, ul. Jawornik 52A) between 18-20 may 2018. Accommodation of all participants will also be provided at the Stok Hotel.
Conference fee for academic staff and doctoral students is 1200 zł per person or 800 for students per person. The fee includes participation in both conferences: Advances in Applied Biomechanics and Meeting of Young Biomechanics, organization, printing materials, accommodation and alimentation.

Payment must be made to account: PKO I Oddział w Gliwicach 61 1020 2401 0000 0902 0183 6881 Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, NIP: 526-172-36-74 with a note: Advances in Applied Biomechanicsand Meeting of Young Biomechanics

ATTENTION! The title of the payment should be the name of the Participant of the Conference
March 15, 2018 February 28, 2018 is the deadline for registration, which must be made on the web form, available on the Conference website.

On March 31, 2018 March 11, 2018, the deadline for payment of the conference fee and the submission of one-page summaries of articles.

Instructions for authors

One-page summaries prepared according to the pattern should be sent using the form.
In the name of the file to be sent, the names of the authors of the paper should be entered. Example: Kowalski_Nowak.docx
Abstracts of articles accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in conference proceedings published in electronic format.
Upon acceptance by the Scientific Committee of the summaries, it is possible to send a full version of the article, in accordance with the pattern to “Aktualne Problemy Biomechaniki” on e-mail address.

Conference topics

  1. General Biomechanics
  2. Engineering Biomechanics
  3. Biomechanics of sport
  4. Biomechanics of work and ergonomics
  5. Clinical biomechanics and orthopedics
  6. Biomechatronics
  7. Engineering of rehabilitation
  8. Dental Engineering
  9. Biomaterials Engineering
  10. Tissue Engineering

Applicable languages

Polish, English.

Publication of articles

Selected by the Scientific articles they will be recommended for publication in the following journals, which will be published after receiving positive reviews::