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The BALTON Company was founded in 1980 as an affiliated company of the French BALT Extrusion S.A., manufacturer of high precision intracerebral catheters and stents. During those thirty-four years, the BALTON Company, making use of the French technology, has created a large range of medical products intended for use in anaesthesiology, surgery, urology, gynaecology, cardiology, and radiology. more...

A few of each have been specified herein below:
Anaesthesiology: - Epidural Kits in different sets and sizes, Catheterization Sets and other accessories
Surgery: - Embolectomy Catheters
Urology: - Nephrostomy and Cystostomy Kits, Dialysis Catheters, Sets for Stent Introduction, and others
Two of the most important areas include cardiology and invasive radiology. These are such high-class catheters as:
Diagnostic Catheters
Catheters for Coronary and Peripheral Angioplasty: RIVER, FRYDERYK, PBA
Valvuloplasty Catheters: VALVER
Steel, cobalt-chromium and nitinol stents:
DES stents: LUC-CHOPIN, CARLO S, ALEX, PAXEL and PROLIM, with LUC-CHOPIN 2, manufactured in 2005 as the first stent in the world coated with biodegradable polymer
Bifurcation stents: BIOSS EXPERT and BIOSS LIM
Kidney stents: NEFRO
Carotid stents: MER and Neuroprotection System ROBIN
Peripheral stents: NEPTUN and JAGUAR
PTCA guidewires
Diagnostic guidewires
Intra-Aortic Balloon Catheter Set (IABC)
Gastroenterology – TROYCA balloons
The BALTON Company employs state-of-the-art technologies and raw materials that are applied in the world in the manufacturing of this type of products. We collaborate with numerous university and medical centres in Poland and worldwide, with those, among others, located in the U.S.A., France, Great Britain, Japan, Brazil, and Russia.

Royal Philips is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. Our health care business makes up 42% of our global sales revenue. more...

With a century of history and more than 450 innovative products and services, we are ready to meet today’s challenges in healthcare by creating solutions that deliver better care to more people at lower cost.

Our more than 37,000 employees, working in 100 countries, are committed to helping you create meaningful moments of care, whether in the hospital room, the living room or the boardroom. See how we are working to create a healthier future together.

Balton Sp. z o.o.
ul. Nowy Świat 7/14, 00-496 Warszawa
Tel.: (+48) 22 625 32 15
Tel./fax: (+48) 22 621 58 14

Philips Polska Sp. z o.o.
Philips Health Systems

Al. Jerozolimskie 195 B
02-222 Warszawa
Tel.: +48 22 571 0000

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EC Test Systems Sp. z o. o. provides measurement, diagnostic and simulation solutions in the field of vibration and acoustics. We are the only representative in Poland of world leaders in this industry.more...

We represent companies whose experience is used by the largest automotive, aviation and defense industries as well as other enterprises operating in other branches of industry. The offer is complemented by advanced vision and thermovision systems.

We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions in the measurement of fast-changing processes, such as explosions, movements of objects with very high velocity, vibrations, shock deformations, fluid dynamics, etc. We provide integrated research and development systems for thermal analyzes (stress testing, vibro-thermography, impulse thermography and lockin) ) and solutions for the implementation of fatigue tests. We also offer systems for measuring building acoustics, 3D scanners and simulation software.

By providing the latest solutions currently on the market, we help launch even the most advanced research and development positions.

Pro-PLUS SA is an innovative company which has been operating for 25 years in the field of e-Health offering:


• Certified medical devices for cardiac telemonitoring co-working with a weigthing scale, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter.
• Telemedical platform which allows collecting medical data, managing medical devices and providing medical services for patients.
• Medical services offered by the Descriptive Center.
Pro-PLUS solutions are mostly used for:
• Long-term event telemonitoring for diagnosing hard-to-detect and sporadical cardiac disorders performed by means of EHO-MINI apparatus. Pressing the button by the patient triggers dispatch of an ECG record including the moment when the patient felt troubling symptoms to a doctor. Event monitoring enables optimal use of specialist time due to reduction of the number of tests to be evaluated. It also allows to increase the patient's safety and comfort as a result of constant control and doctor's ability to respond promptly to emerging disorders. Event monitoring almost doubles detection efficiency of rare arrhythmias in comparison to Holter monitoring, in addition it is a simple and cheap diagnostic method.
• cardiac telerehabilitation, for which the patient is equipped with a modern telemedical system including EHO-MINI Rehabilitation apparatus. Thanks to that the patient may in a safe manner carry out the rehabilitation process in home conditions under remote supervision of medical personnel. This solution allows medical centers to offer treatment even for 5-fold higher number of patients at the same time. Cardiac telerehabilitation is more acceptable by patients, it has a positive influence on quality of life by increasing psychophysical, social and sexual activity, and also allows to reduce the cost of the procedure both on the part of patients and of medical centers.
• quick and efficient cardiac diagnostics possible through immediate transfer of test results from the apparatus to the platform via mobile telephone networks. The unique combination of high-quality ECG records, monitoring of patients in their natural environment and possibility of patients' active participation in the diagnostic process by triggering ECG recording when troubling symptoms appear allows quick, efficient and cheap diagnostics.

Since the beginning of its activity Pro-PLUS has been cooperating with leading medical centers and KOL (key opinion leader) which resulted in development of unique technology. That is why Pro-PLUS products are used by patients and doctors from many medical centers in Poland and abroad, including Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria and Indonesia. Uniqueness and quality of solutions offered by Pro-PLUS was confirmed by the Gold Medal received at the China International Exhibition of Inventions in Shanghai.
Pro-PLUS in numbers:
• 50 000 devices sold
• 1 238 546 unique ECG tests on the Platform
• 12 586 patients registered on the Platform
• over 400 active users on the CardioPortal Platform, of which 90% are doctors
• over 600 ECG tests transferred daily from Pro-PLUS devices to the Platform

EC Test Systems sp. Z o.o.
ul. Ciepłownicza 28
31-574 Kraków
Tel.: (+48) 12 627 77 77
Fax: (+48) 12 627 77 70

Sniezna 3,
03-750 Warszawa
Phone: +48 785 436 707


MESCO Sp. z o.o.
PL 42-600 Tarnowskie Góry
ul. Górnicza 20A
oddzial w Bytomiu:
PL 41-902 Bytom
Aleja Legionów 4


Medgal Sp. z o.o.
ul. Niewodnicka 26A
16-001 Ksiezyno

searchNeuro Device Group S.A.


Science Device
Science Device is a department of Neuro Device Group which specializes in the distribution of devices for psychophysiological measurements.
Science Device is local representative of such great brands as Tobii Pro, g.tec, NNL, Brainbox, BIOPAC, Wearble Sensing.

The main goal of Science Device is to support to find the optimal solution for each project individually. The wide range of the success achieved by the end users such as Warsaw University, SWPS, Warsaw Medical School, University of Economics in Poznan, PAN or Jagiellonian University is building up the passion and knowledge base that we are happy to share with others and help with pushing the frontiers of the innovation even further.

EMT-Systems Engineering Training Centre
is the largest and most extensive technical training centre in Poland. It specializes in organizing practical courses for engineers and technical staff in the following areas:

• Power Hydraulics
• Industrial Pneumatics
• CNC machines and Conventional lathes
• Mechanical Engineering
• Machine Diagnostics
• PLC controllers
• Industrial Networks and Industrial Sensors
• Drive Systems
• Industrial Robots
• Plastics
• 3D Printing
• Production Optimization
The centre provides standard and tailor-made trainings, conducted in either one of the 25 fully-equipped laboratories or the client’s premises. The company hires 42 employees and cooperates with over 100 experts in various industrial areas. It has trained over 40,000 people since 2006.
Some of the awards:
- 2018 Golden Statue of Polish Business Leader,
- 2018 Innovation Laurel,
- 2017 and 2018 European Medal (for Plastics and Industrial Robots trainings),
- Training Company of the Year 2017, 2016 and 2014.
EMT-Systems also organizes free monthly specialized workshops under the name EMT TOUR. These events are an opportunity to find out about the latest technological developments, state-of-the-art gear and equipment, as well as a chance to update one’s knowledge on production and maintenance.

Science Device
Dzial Sprzedazy i Dystrybucji: Science Device,
Neuro Device Group S.A.
ul. Plowiecka 1
04-501 Warszawa

ul. Konarskiego 18C
44-100 Gliwice



”Politrauma” Fundation operates at the Provincial Specialist Hospital No. 5 Saint Barbara in Sosnowiec since 1994 its main goal is to help people who are sick and the most injured in mining, communication and other accidents in Zagłębie and Silesia wiecej...

The Foundation also implements its statutory goals through:
- promotion of programs aimed at improving organizational solutions in Health Care, including Social Insurance systems;
- financial and organizational assistance in the training of medical personnel;
- financing, organizing and supporting cooperation and exchange of experiences with all national and foreign organizations;
- acting for the benefit of WSS5 patients through modernization and development of the Provincial Specialist Hospital No. 5 Saint Barbara.
In addition, the Foundation acquires financial resources for the purchase of equipment and medical equipment.

KLS Martin Surgical Innovation is our Passion

"This is a promise we have pursued in surgery since 1923. With this claim in mind, we develop and market medical technology solutions such as implant systems, electrosurgery units, surgical laser systems, sterilization containers, OR lights, surgical instruments as well as individual OR solutions.
The KLS Martin Group is the umbrella brand for the companies Gebrüder Martin, Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik, KLS Martin in Freiburg, Stuckenbrock Medizintechnik, Rudolf Buck and KLS Martin in the USA, as well as numerous subsidiaries and representative offices throughout the entire world. Our products are used in more than 140 countries all over the world. We are proud of this achievement and will continue advancing patient treatment. Worldwide."

Fundacja Politrauma ul. PL. Medyków 1 41-200 Sosnowiec


KLS Martin
Gebrüder Martin GmbH & Co. KG
KLS Martin Platz 1
78532 Tuttlingen
Telephone: +49 7461 706-0